Iona Moran

Iona is an artist, whose love of nature and people serves her primary inspiration. She uses her personal experience as a core theme of her work, often expressing her emotions through paint. Growing up in a vibrant and colourful environment, Iona's childhood was filled with lively hues, that continue to influence her artistic style today. In her 20's, she found herself drawn to the bohemian atmosphere in Brighton, where she was able to express herself freely and explore her artistic talents. It was during this time that Iona began to broaden her skills as a painter, experimenting with various techniques and styles.

Her experience in nursing also played a significant role in her development as an artist. Through her work, she gained a deeper understanding of humanity and the human condition which she channels into her art. Iona's experiences in nursing taught her how to appreciate the small moments in life and this is reflected in her paintings.

Iona's work is vibrant and expressive, and she has a keen eye for detail and deep understanding of colour. Her paintings are a celebration of life, love and the natural world and are sure to inspire and uplift those who view them.

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